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Tim Dodd creates in-depth videos about the complex topics of spaceflight and rocketry. From serious scientific topics like different rocket engine types, to fun articles about the biggest facepalms in spaceflight history. Down below you can find the article versions of these videos and also featured posts we want you to read, which can be used for reference purposes. Enjoy!

Rocket Engine Cycles

This article discusses different types of rocket engine cycles, from pressure-fed through gas generator, to full-flow staged combustion.

How much do rockets pollute?

Some might find it ironic that an organization like NASA, who studies our atmosphere, is ok with rockets polluting it so much. Or isn’t it weird that Elon Musk, the same person who is pushing …

Astro Awards 2019

Hello and good evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the 2019 Astro Awards! We will take this time to reflect on the exciting things that have happened throughout the year in spaceflight…

Best Space Gifts 2019!

I put together a list of some of my favorite space things, AND to make it the super easiest thing for you, I’ve hyperlinked the photos in this article to take you straight to each thing.

Why do cylindrical rockets roll?

Here’s a fun question that not only have I myself asked, but I get asked fairly often, why do we hear a call out like “roger roll” or “roll program complete” at which point we can see the…


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