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Mars 2020 rover
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Perseverance VS Curiosity – What’s New?

We do an overview of NASA's Perseverance Rover (formerly Mars 2020), the rocket that will take it there, the timeline, and the landing sequence. All the while, drawing comparison to its older sibling, Curiosity, to see what’s changed and what has stayed the same.
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Terry Virts Interview: IMAX Space Filmmaker

Making a movie in space? Shooting out-of-this-world photographs? Space Shuttle pilot and International Space Station commander Terry Virts did this and more, before Tom Cruise! Everyday Astronaut's writers had a chance to interview him recently about his space films and his post-space career.
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SLS vs Starship: Why Do Both Programs Exist?

NASA just announced the lunar landers for the Artemis program. To everyone’s surprise, SpaceX’s massive Starship is one of three landers NASA chose alongside Blue Origin and Dynetics. Understandably, this is bringing up a lot of questions. Some of which we will answer in my next video/article: “Should NASA just cancel SLS and use Starship and/or other commercial launchers for Artemis?” But today I think we need to settle a lot of debates about these two rockets first. Now, more than ever, it is time we truly compare them head-to-head.
Apollo 13 tapes audio restoration ben feist
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Ben Feist Interview on Apollo 13 Audio

We are fast approaching the 50th anniversary of the iconic and suspenseful Apollo 13 mission and many of us were not alive for it. This article talks about how you can relive and just exactly how this experience was created with the help from one of its own, Ben Feist!