Best Space Gifts 2019!

It’s that time of year again where we try to explain to our families what us space nerds want for the holidays. I mean, come on, you can never have too many awesome space things.

All the gifts from last year’s article are still available here!

For 2019, I have composed a list of some of my personal favorite space related items. This is either stuff I’ve found in the past year, or maybe even stuff that I liked so much, I bought it. Some of them are on my wish list too! For your ease of shopping, I have written this article version where all of the photos are hyperlinked to go right to each item. Full disclosure, some of these are affiliate links which can help support Everyday Astronaut financially. However, this is not sponsored content and everything on this list is something that I genuinely like.

Apollo 11 Lunar Lander LEGO Set – $179 – Amazon 

Lego Lunar Lander Apollo

First up is a great follow up to last year’s LEGO Saturn V and that’s the lunar lander! It’s incredibly detailed and at 1,087 pieces, it’s quite the project too.

Apollo 11 Film – $3.99 HD Rental // $14.99 HD Digital (Amazon) // $16.99 Blu-Ray (Amazon)

Apollo 11 film

One of the biggest things to happen this year. Produced by Todd Douglas Miller and CNN, they diligently took the 70 mm film shot during the Apollo program and scanned it in the highest resolution to date. It’s a stunning documentary and an absolute must see!

Kerbal Space Program – $39.99 (Direct Downloads) // Steam

Kerbal Space Program game cover/poster

I’m so ashamed that I forgot this last year! This video game has taught me SO SO much about spaceflight and orbital mechanics. It might be less of a game and more of an educational tool. Kerbal 1 is available today, but keep an eye out because they will soon be adding Kerbal Space Program 2!

Voyager Record Set – $83 (Ozma) // $149 – (Amazon)

voayager 1 voyager 2 record gold replica math diagrams

I found this recently and it went straight to the top of my wish list this year. A gorgeous LP set based on the famous Voyager missions. The Voyager missions had a golden record with audio recordings of our planet and a really beautifully simplistic insignia that helps show where we’re located.

“Ignition!” by John D. Clark // $15.99 (Amazon)

Ignition John D Clark

“The Case for Space: How the Revolution in Spaceflight Opens Up a Future of Limitless Possibility” by Robert Zubrin // $14.89 (Amazon)

The Case for Space book robert zubrin

“Beyond the Known: How Exploration Created the Modern World and Will Take Us to the Stars” by Andrew Rader // $18.25 (Amazon)

Beyond the known andrew rader

These are a few book recommendations I have for this year. I’ve only read (listened to) “Ignition” so far, but I can’t wait for my next road trip to be able to listen to “The Case for Space” and “Beyond the Known” which are both written by authors I admire a lot and am really excited to hear more from!

SPACE MERCH!!!! Everyday Astronaut // SpaceX // Rocket Lab // Boeing // ULA

I’m really TRYING to not be too self promoty in this article, but I can’t help but be really excited about all the new swag in my shop this year. We’ve really changed the game and increased quality a lot. Shirts all are hand screen printed, hand sewn patches, custom care instructions AND come shipped in a custom mylar packaging… so, shop around at your favorite place this year for easy gift ideas. My personal wardrobe is quite literally entirely space shirts because there’s just too much cool stuff out there these days. So shop around!

everyday astronaut merch store

I released three new items for this Holiday season and you can take 15% off my entire store through Cyber Monday! (automatically applied at check out!)

“Lunar Mission Tee” // $29.99


NASA shirt space shirt spaecx lunar lander t-shirt tee everyday astronaut lunar mission

Comes with a custom sewn on tag that says “Lunar Mission” and “Remove Shoes Before Entering The Cabin” as a tribute to this picture of Gene Cernan preparing to enter the simulator.

“Ode to Delta II” // $24.99 (Includes free print through Cyber Monday!)

Delta II teel teal shirt tee shirt everyday astronaut

Need more color in your rocket wardrobe? Me too. Miss seeing ULA’s Delta II rocket take to the skies? Me too. Let me help with both!!! Be reminded of your favorite teal rocket every time you wear this shirt.

Full Flow Staged Combustion Cycle Hoodie // $39.99

Full Flow Staged Combustion Cycle Hoodie Everyday Astronaut

You’ve all been asking for a hoodie version of our popular Full Flow Staged Combustion Cycle shirts, so HERE YOU GO!

Arlo Skye Space Edition Suitcases // $380 (Arlo Skye)

I got my hands on this Arlo Skye suitcase this year and I couldn’t love it more. I’ve been traveling a TON, like literally more than I’m home this year and this suitcase has been through EVERYTHING and it’s still looking fantastic. It’s quite expensive, but all good luggage is. I’m very impressed and would 10/10 buy again.

Arlo Skye suitcase

Support Your Favorite Creators // Patreon etc

This is really just a blanket statement to get out there and show support to your favorite content creators. I support so many of my favorite creators through Patreon, and I know how big of a difference it can make. If you enjoy rocket launch photographers, get on there or shop around for some prints from them this year. Maybe support some science channels or whatever you enjoy, give back to a creator. It’s a total win / win because you often can get bonus material from them and you can support what they do. It’s really hard to have a career in content creation, but when everyone chips in a buck here or there, it makes ALL the difference. Join me in supporting your favorite creators this year. Here’s some links to some of the creators I support, but I suggest finding your favorites too:

Rocket Photographers:

John Kraus // Trevor Mahlmann // Jack Beyer // Cosmic Perspective // Austin Barnard


Orbital Mechanics // MECO // We Martians // Our Ludicrous Future

Science Communicators / YouTube Creators:

Astro Athens // TMRO // BPS.Space // Charlie Garcia // SpaceXcentric // Amy Shira Teitel (Vintage Space) // Simone Giertz // Physics Girl // Scott Manley

Other Space / Art / Creator Stuff

Geoff Barrett (Launch Infographics) // Declan Murphy (Flightclub.IO rocket telemetry) // Black With No Cream (Creator Podcast / Community) // Abby Garrett (Space Art)

Don’t forget to check out LAST YEARS LIST for even MORE ideas (I think most of them are still available). I hope this helps you find the perfect ideas for your family and friends!

Written by: Tim Dodd the Everyday Astronaut

Co-Writer: Austin DeSisto

  1. Hi, I already emailed the shop…I ordered and paid for 2 full flow rocket engine T-Shirts and only received 1…Can someone reply to me please?

  2. Just a quick thank you. You clearly don’t have time to read every YouTube comment and all of that as it would take a life time and that makes me so happy. I have a very similar story about my love for space and when I seen someone elts that had the similar re ignition of their childhood love for all things space flight I was so excited. Your videos have helped me explain so much to my kids and wife which all watch every launch and your live streams with me now. Your doing everyone a huge favour by just being you and not acting or trying to hide your personality. What I’m getting at is just thank you and I hope to one day see you at a launch!

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