Rocket Lab proving reusability

Rocket Lab’s Peter Beck April Interview

Tim Dodd interviewing Rocketlab's Peter Beck as the Electron boilerplate rocket stage is captured by a helicopter above the Pacific Ocean
Tim Dodd, the Everyday Astronaut, checks in with Peter Beck. (Click on the image to go to the video).

What’s It All About?

Rocket Lab is making some impressive progress in their efforts to recover the booster stage of their Electron Rockets. Everyday Astronaut Tim Dodd caught up with Rocket Lab CEO and Founder, Peter Beck recently. They video chatted and got a rundown on some exciting things they’re working on!

Peter Beck on CAPSTONE

In the interview, they also talk about the NASA CAPSTONE mission launching to the Moon in 2021 on an Electron Rocket.  Above all, this lunar mission will be Rocket Lab’s first one to deep space. In addition, it will launch from their American launch site at Wallops Island, Virginia.

Peter Beck on Photon

Peter Beck also discussed Rocket Lab’s new satellite manufacturing project, the in-house designed and built Photon satellite platform. The idea being, that supply chains in spacecraft manufacturing are delicate and easily disrupted, causing delays. Therefore, they aim to take away that uncertainty by creating a robust satellite bus platform. It takes care of the fundamental tasks such as power and propulsion.

Rocket Lab plans to deliver an all-inclusive spacecraft build and launch service. It’s hoped it will empower small satellite customers to focus on delivering their service, rather than building their own satellite hardware. Customers just bring their sensors, payload or idea. After that, Rocket Lab will do the rest. They take care of the complete satellite design, build and launch as a bundled package.

Rocket Lab Reusability

Do you need a rundown on how Rocket Lab will catch a rocket with a parachute and a helicopter?  Why did no one do it before Rocket Lab? How come it won’t burn up in the atmosphere first? Will this happen at sea? Are robots going to secure the booster? These are good questions, and we’ve got you covered in the video linked below! 


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