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Tim Dodd created the Everyday Astronaut project in 2013 when he found himself the lone bidder of a Russian flight suit. Tim is a professional photographer and space and science communicator based out of Cedar Falls, Iowa. The majority of his career has been spent shooting weddings, taking him to 120 different weddings in 15 states and 3 countries. His most recent works are in the spaceflight realm, shooting rockets at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center for www.SpaceFlightnow.com.

Tim’s work has been recognized internationally. His Everyday Astronaut series was featured on Instagram in 2016 and it was chosen as Flickr’s featured artist of the week in 2014. You may have seen his work on reddit as his photos have been on the front page several times. His work has been featured by CNN, Vice, The ChiveNBC’s the TODAY show, a print feature in The Guardian’s Art & Design section, the cover of “Courrier International” (France), published in EOS Magazine (UK), PetaPixel, Huff Post, BBC, Reader’s Digest, yahoo news,  Buzzfeed’s top posts, MSN, HLNtv, and Glamour.com, AP magazine, The Sun UK newspaper, BILD newspaper in Germany, The Guardian, Astronomy Today, Ciel et Espace among others.

Check out his photography website here.

NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building - Kennedy Space Center - Florida Tim Dodd Everyday Astronaut
NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building - Kennedy Space Center - Florida
Continental Tire Factory - Hanover - Germany abandoned astronaut photoshoot
Continental Tire Factory - Hanover - Germany

Paris France Eiffel Tower Tim Dodd
Paris - France
Countdown Clock - Kennedy Space Center - Florida vintage historic
Countdown Clock - Kennedy Space Center - Florida

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Sony A7RII

(Launch cameras) 1 xCanon 50D, 3 x Canon 40D

Canon EOS-M

Canon 11mm – 24mm F4L, Canon 24mm F1.4L, Canon 85mm F1.2L, Canon 100mm F2.8L, Canon 135mm F.20L, Canon 17mm – 40mm F4L

Canon 2x Tele converter

Sigma 20mm F1.4 Art, Sigma 50mm F1.4 Art, Sigma 120mm – 300mm F2.8 Sport

3 x Canon 600 EX Flashes

5 x MIOPS sound triggers

Various other lenses for launches

DJI Inspire Pro with 15mm, 25mm and 45mm lenses